Of All Dangerous Doug Harper!

Many have came, saw, experienced, and many have only been tempted.

Dangerous Doug Harper. That is me. I am the Dangerous One.

Though it has always been about music, today it is not so much music anymore. Though it should be. It should be about music, but it is not. Why?

The tide for music nationwide has been shifting for the last few years. It seems now all has settled and everything is all NEW.

I have started a NEW web TV show titled #LunchWithDoug. It is going very well. My last three music shows have went very well. The ones I performed at, not the ones I have promoted.

I am not much of a promoter anymore. I have a hard time finding the right ones to promote. In the imediate area there are not many bands writing thier own songs, or Singer Songwriters. Just a few of us.

But hoping to see all of that change. The web show will help change it. Now we have a forum that is working like never before.

The tide has changed. The fog has lifted. It has arrived.

Look for episodes of the show at http://www.youtube.com/localear or at www.CommunityFollower.comdd Advice Yoda



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